Wood is one of the worlds most beautiful, versatile and natural products. It is probably the most natural “green” material there is and unlike steel, concrete or PVC it is “friendly and warm” both to the manufacturer and end user.

As with all natural timber products they will be subject to movement and deterioration as they season. This may become evident with shakes, splits and warping. Timber is a natural product and these are not considered to be a fault or defect.



Timber, Softwood in particular will rot and this process will be speeded up if the timber is left untreated or if the top treatment is not carried out adequately. WE CANNOT GUARANTEE AGAINST THIS NATURAL OCCURENCE.

Please note that all of our Softwood doors and gates will be supplied with a base coat of preservative and Hardwood timber products will be supplied untreated as standard, treatment will be required on all timber that is not tanalised treated.

We can offer a treatment service, We use Sikkens stains which is available in a wide range of colours, this should be applied in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines, which on untreated timber recommends that you wipe clean the surface with metholated spirits before applying 1 base coat and then a minimum of 2 top coats. If you require the gates to be painted we only use Dulux Weathershield exterior (oil based) paints apply 2 coats of Primer/undercoat and then 2 coats of Gloss, we always use a solvent based paint. The new timber generally settles down and acclimatizes to its surrondings within the first 6-12 months, at this stage we recomend that you re treat your gates. We then recommend that you then treat your products at least once a year or whenever they look like they need another coat to keep them in top condition.

When treating the products in the future, you need to regularly check for any splits or cracks that may appear. These  should be filled with a good quality 2 part wood filler immediately to stop water penetration, then retreat the timber as above, for long term care if signs of rotting appear, (remove the rotten timber straight away, do not leave it as it can spread very quickly) the rot needs removing back to the good timber and then as before filled with a good quality 2 part wood filler and retreat the timber.

We recommend that you avoid using water based stains and fencing paints on our products because in our experience they let the timber dry out to much leaving bigger splits and cracks and can also allow the timber to warp and twist and in our experience have actually speeded up the rotting process.


Tanalising – this is a pressure impregnated powerful water based wood preservative treatment system. It has a pale green colour that eventually fades to a grey colour. Because the process does not seal the timber, splits and cracks may appear in the timber, generally this is only cosmetic and does not structurally damage the timber.


Please note that this is why we only use this treatment for our Fencing products and 5 Bar gates. It can not be used for finish quality products.

Please note that the tanalsing product is now environmentally friendly and our suppliers do not offer a guarantee as to how long timber posts will last when they are in contact with the ground, therefore Sandalwood Gates & Timber Products CANNOT GUARANTEE THE LIFE SPAN OF TANALISED TREATED TIMBER POSTS.

Steel Posts

We use these instead of timber posts to hang our doors and some gates from because unlike timber they will not rot, warp or twist causing problems with the fitting of the gates in the future. Steel posts will be supplied with 1 coat of black paint. Please note that further coats will be required after installation by you.



A product manufactured from wood can be one of the most “green” and pleasant items we own and deserves to be looked after with care to give lasting satisfaction.



If we are called out to make any adjustments to any of our products and it is found that a natural occurrence or the fact that the product has not been treated correctly causing the problem then a charge may be made for each visit and any subsequent corrective treatment or procedure. 

The above and advice therein supersede any previous product leaflet produced by Sandalwood Gates & Timber Products. We reserve the right to change or alter information from time to time without prior notice and without prejudice. (Revised edition)


All goods remain the property of Sandalwood Gates & Timber products until paid for in full

Payment is due on the day of completion of work

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