There are basically 2 styles of door either Frame, Brace and Ledge (this has a solid framework to the sides and top which has mortice and tenon joints) or Brace and Ledge (these have a framework on the back face which is screwed together and then all the boards are glued and screwed onto the face)

All our Frame, Brace and Ledge doors are made to high specification using traditional mortice and tenon joints which are glued and screwed together for added strength. All Framed doors have a 70mm thick framework with a 20mm thick board set into the frame.

All Brace and Ledge gates have a 145mm x 45mm framework which is screwed together then all the boards are gl;ued and screwed on to the face. 

Unsorted redwood doors (best quality softwood) all screw holes etc are filled with a good quality wood filler before being sanded smooth ready for treatment.

Hardwood doors (Iroko, Oak and Accoya) all screw holes are filled with hardwood pellets again before being sanded smooth ready for treatment.

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